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Black Houston Self-Guided Tour

Our local bus tours offer a fun and convenient way to explore Black Houston. Local bus tours are offered one day a month, with a different theme each month. These include our Black Art, Black History, Black Culture, Black Business, Third Ward, and Juneteenth tours. On these tours you get to experience Houston like a true local, going to some of this city’s most important sites, eating delicious food, and meeting new people!

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Brock Park

March 12, 2022

1709 Bingham Street, Houston, Texas, 77007

Brock Park is a public park named after Richard Brock. Brock helped establish some of Houston’s earliest schools and churches for African Americans.


El Dorado Ballroom

March 26, 2022

2310 Elgin Street, Houston, Texas, 77004

During its height in the 1930s and 1940s, the El Dorado Ballroom of Third Ward was comparable to the Savoy Ballroom of Harlem and Club Matinee in Houston’s Fifth Ward, a social haven for African Americans.

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Almeda Post Office

April 16, 2022

4110 Almeda Road,
Houston, Texas 77004

This site, frequented today by locals to take care of mailing and shipping services, was once the site of Houston’s first sit-in.


Texas Southern University

Coming Soon!

3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, Texas 77004

Texas Southern University is the only historically Black college and university (HBCU) in the city of Houston, and has since its inception, been the heart of much of the social, cultural, political, and academic action of this city and beyond.

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University Museum at Texas Southern University

Coming Soon!

3100 Cleburne Street,
Houston, Texas 77004

The University Museum at Texas Southern University was founded in 2000. It is dedicated to exhibiting art of Africa and the African Diaspora through both
permanent collections and temporary exhibits, with a special emphasis on
providing a place for art majors to display their final projects.



Houston This Is It Soul Food

Coming Soon!

2712 Blodgett Street,
Houston, Texas 77004

Originally located in Houston’s historic Freedmen’s Town, the iconic Houston This Is It Soul Food is now located in
another historic area, Third Ward. InFood fact, thanks to their delicious preparation of African American cuisine, it is the oldest soul food restaurant in the city.

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Greater Fifth Ward Self-Guided Tour


Freedom Tree Park

4303 Freedom Tree Drive,
Missouri City, Texas 77459

Enslaved Africans in Galveston, Texas were informed of their emancipation on June 19, 1865, a date that would later be known and celebrated as Juneteenth. This knowledge of freedom was shared throughout locations and
plantations all over the state of Texas, taking days to reach other enslaved communities. In Missouri City, Texas, an area that is now a suburb of Houston, the enslaved individuals at the Palmer Plantation were gathered under this tree, and informed of their emancipation.

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Fifth Ward Self Guided & Virtual Tours

In partnership with Sawari Tours and Visit Houston, you can visit Black Houston at any time and at your own pace through our self-guided tour of Houston’s Fifth Ward. Known to longtime residents as “The Nickel,” Fifth Ward was once one of the most thriving Black neighborhoods in the city. Its Lyons Avenue corridor was booming with businesses, from movie theaters like the DeLUXE Theater to entertainment centers like Club Matinee.


Like many of the city’s other Black communities, it had its own grocery stores, clothing stores, barbershops and beauty salons, organizations, churches, and schools--with Wheatley High School being its pride and joy. It also had communities within, like French Town, and close neighbors like Kashmere Gardens and Trinity Gardens. The neighborhood is being revitalized thanks to organizations such as the Fifth Ward Redevelopment Corporation and Fifth Ward Go Neighborhoods.

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  • This self-guided tour includes photos, fun facts, and audio interviews about The DeLUXE Theater, Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church, Fruits of Fifth Ward Mural, Club Matinee, Wheatley High School, and House of Brown Salon.

  • Tickets available February 2022!

Happy Childhood



  • Can’t make it to our bus tours but still looking for an immersive experience? Join a bus tour from your home, no matter the location. You’ll be able to visit each stop with us! 

  • Tickets available February 2022!



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